Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gmod Introduction

Those of you who came to this blog looking for information on Gmod, both on basics, information, is it worth the price?, and even how to play and set up servers, you came to the right place. I will constantly update the info so check back often.

So what is Gmod?

Gmod is a first person construction game on the PC. Available on Steam for a mere 10 dollars. The game itself is a mod from half-life 2 created by valve. Gmod although was modified and created by Garry Newman along with his team, Team Garry. This is a wonderful game to play if you are into building creations, role-playing, meeting new people, learning new things, and even fighting zombies on those boring days.

Getting Started

So you bought the game. Now your at the main menu wondering what the game is like. Well go ahead and click "Play Single-Player" for starters and choose a level that looks or sounds cool in the name. Wait about five minutes for it to finish loading the level and you'll be sitting there with a blue glowing gun wondering where do i start? Somethings you might want to know include:

  • Press V for toggle noclip (noclip allows you to fly around as well as passing through objects and the world
  • Press and hold Q for the menu
  • Changing weapons is like it was in half-life 2 where the scroll wheel can change the weapons or the numbers 1-6 can change the weapons you currently have out.
  • People online will constantly refer to something known as console. This is a command box within the program when you pause that allows certain commands to be typed in to alter your game experience. Most are only available if you are in Single-Player or if you are the host/owner of a Multi-Player server. To activate console in game; press escape to pause, go to options, Keyboard tab, hit the advanced button on the bottom of the window, and check the box that says "Enable Developer Console (~)". Now during game play or when you are at the menu you can click ~ the button right below Escape to enable console and type in commands.

  • People will also refer to addons within the game, Gmod is a game widely supported by the community with thousands of mods. To locate and search for mods, go to in your Internet browser. Once there, you should see popular and recent mods, along with a search bar. Look on the website for anything that interests you and download it. Installation of the mods I will explain later. 

  • Make sure you have an appropriate steam community name cause that is what Gmod will use for your in-game name. Mingebag emphasis a new guy at Gmod because back when Gmod was older, you had to change your name through the options in Gmod and the default name was Mingebag. Just a little history for you new Gmod players.